Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been present in numerous industries for considerable time. Companies have been leveraging AI-based models for numerous applications. The advent of Generative AI (GenAI), however, marks a pivotal evolution, offering the potential to revolutionize entire sectors across the economy.

Give the complexity and multitude of potential applications of Gen-AI, one of the very first steps to assist a firm in better navigating and evaluating the potential positive impact of an AI-Transformation is to adopt real-life use cases that concretely demonstrate the benefits that can be obtained.


The rise of Generative AI marks a significant shift, showing potential to radically transform most industries

Gen-AI in Quality Management

One of the main advantages that an AI-led approach can provide in Quality Management is on deviation analysis. Increasing process complexity and regulation, along with a dispersion of records and recording platform, added to time pressures can make this a complex task.

Having to dedicate less time and energy to deviation research preparation could mean having more time to analyze information and structure potential strategies or solutions. This, in turn, could translate in to greater control and an enhanced ability to minimize the risk of future deviations.

AI-Transformation, operations, and quality:
a new era for quality management across industries

Today’s quality management systems must transcend mere deviation recording. Adopting advanced tools for data analysis in Quality Management is imperative. This will allow organizations to extract actionable insights from their quality data, enhancing CAPA processes. The ability to identify patterns and proactively address potential issues before they escalate is a critical advantage of modern analytical capabilities. Prevention has always been the ultimate objective in quality management.
To maximize their effectiveness, these tools must feature user-friendly interfaces and straightforward systems for detailed analysis. For instance, prioritizing the ability to query and analyze data in plain language can make these tools more accessible and easier to use. This not only simplifies the user experience but also ensures that the advanced features are available to a broad range of users within the organization.
Adopting a forward-thinking approach enables organizations to go beyond merely recording data. It fosters a culture of continuous improvement. The latest generation of quality management software serves a strategical purpose: empowering businesses to proactively enhance their quality standards and sustain excellence over time.


When advanced analyses need to be conducted on databases with a large amount of historical data.

When deviations, repetitions, and patterns need to be identified with a very high degree of precision and flexibility in formulating the problem statement.

When the need is to automatically identify, label and cluster group of deviations and similarities from a large pool of data.

When a clear and reasoned view of the data is needed to establish truly effective Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA).

When it is necessary to optimize, simplify, and expedite the workflow of analyses for reasons of timing, costs and/or team expertise



Facilitate problem investigation process

Boost compliance to problem management standards

Streamline deviation search, generation and analysis

Generate information rich data for broader analysis

Make analysis and researches easier, user friendly and more intuitive

Gen-AI in Quality Management

In this webinar, we will cover:

The future of QA Management: How AI is changing the market (and how to leverage this).

Fast and accurate: Discover how our approach saves time and improves search and analysis accuracy.

Our Strategy: Understand why we used MS Azure and OpenAI in implementing Quality Booster.

Tool breakdown: Learn how it works and how it can take both deviation research and analysis to a whole new level.

The power of Quality Booster: Discover its applicability to other industries and all its potential uses.

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With this webinar, we aim to give the audience a clear understanding of this approach, its applicability to other projects and industries, and the steps required for effective implementation.

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We won't show you only theory. We will share a real-life success story featuring Quality CoPilot. You'll discover firsthand how o achieve remarkable levels of efficiency and precision in QA management with GenAI.

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