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This client is an OEM of production equipment for cigarette packaging serving most of the Tobacco Companies globally and wants to improve its ability to collect and use strategic data. Therefore, we conducted a digital assessment to establish both a new Data Governance and a future Data Warehouse platform.

Increase reactivity to the market in a high competitive arena.

Reduce Lead Time to Order and increase forecast accuracy.

Reduce inefficiency due to redundancy of data and focalize the main Roles in the organization on the real target (Lead Time, Cost and Inventory).

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Customer Profile

Amplifon S.p.A. is an Italian company that deals with the design, application and marketing of hearing aids. It is present in 29 countries and on all 5 continents, with more than 11,000 points of sale and around 16,000 employees and collaborators, and a turnover of 1.4 billion Euros. With the acquisition of GAES plant (Barcelona, Spain) in 2018, - has consolidated its worldwide leadership reaching a global market share of 11% of the retail hearing care market.



To design, validate and formalize a methodology in the Barcelona plant expandable to the whole EMEA region, with the following goals:

  • develop an earmolds integrated EMEA supply chain, capable of up to 600k earmolds per year;
  • reduce cost by 4.6 mEUR per year by improving sourcing and production effectiveness and efficiency, lowering the per full industrial cost from 13.9 to 10 EUR/unit;
  • maintain/improve current Service Level



We have developed from scratch a Digital Twin in order to:

  • simulate all possible future scenarios, obtaining precise calculation of lead times, service levels and saturations;
  • validate the re-layout/material flow hypothesis before any intervention;
  • find the optimal configuration in terms of allocated FTEs and shifts for any possible demand which yield maximal throughput.

We have also designed an OCR-based real-time digital traceability and jobs scheduling system, integrated with the existing ERP, for guaranteeing the optimal scenario in case of unpredictable demand and jobs priorities.



Customer profile

Our customer is an OEM of production equipment for cigarette packaging serving most of the Tobacco Companies globally.



  • Improve Forecast Accuracy.
  • Improve the Configure to Order process (accuracy of data, lead time and rework generated by variant).
  • Increase reactivity in the planning capability to work on changes and to work on MTS (standard modules).
  • Planning workload and competence needs.
  • Interface Supplier in an effective way and plan internal workload with adequate tools.


Our solution

  • Interviews with main stakeholders.
  • Workshop to validate AS IS map (process and IT architecture interface).
  • Pain and Gain and roadmap to improve.
  • Workshop to show potential tools to enrich actual Digital Capabilities in line with desired evolution target (Actual Status).

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