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BI & Data Engineering
Data Science
Software Development

Production Planning Optimization

Data Science

This Client is a world leader in the pot and vases manufacturing industry that experienced a sudden and drastic increase in demand, due to the global pandemic....

Optimize Inventory

Data Science

The client is a global leader of travel suitcases and accessories with significant presence in all regions. COVID-19 crises has impacted heavily on this market....

Invest in digital


This client is a global, multi billion F&B organisation, wanting to invest into data mining digital technology. Early decisions can be the most crucial parts of digital investment....

Increase service level

Data Science

This client is a leader in the healthcare sector, specialised in the development of hearing aids devices. Demand increase and high production lead time are slowly eroding...

Identify and eliminate losses

Software Development

This client is a multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products, looking for a structured approach to loss identification and elimination. We...

Data Governance


This client is an OEM of production equipment for cigarette packaging serving most of the Tobacco Companies globally and wants to improve its ability to collect and use...

Customized AI-based Planning Tool

Data Science

This client is an agile and pragmatic pharmaceutical Company whose business is suffering from excess of stock, low equipment saturation and inadequate service level. A...

Break silos, unify intelligence

BI & Data Engineering

This client is a leading global logistics service provider, who is facing the challenge of a silos organisation with different sites behaving differently, not sharing data and...

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