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As a Digital Boutique we combine innovation and tradition. Seeking excellence. In everything.

Our team consists of data scientists, SC experts, quality experts, engineers and designers. This is our multi-disciplinary recipe to give a simple answer to the complex challenges of the companies that rely on us.

Working with us means working for innovation and for continuous improvement. With an approach that mixes consultancy, technical skills and pure creativity to create customized digital solutions for every scenario and to solve problems across different sectors.

From automotive to chemicals, from Food&Beverage to manufacturing, our target is always the same: to find the best and most efficient answer to every possible question. To be part of the team you are not supposed to be a guru or to have a +20 years expertise.

What we are looking for are active and proactive brains. Basically alternative thinkers and problem solvers ready to play with the puzzles of real-life business to find the smartest way to achieve our goals.

Last but not least meritocracy matters to us. And consistency too. But the most important keyword in our daily routine is to ENJOY. Job have to be a passion before than anything else. Otherwise, what is the point?

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Why Work With Us

A short and essential list of our cornerstones. Which are also the reasons why you might be interested in joining our team.

Freedom and Flexibility

Our team is international and spread all over the world. We use smart working at its highest expression, and that's why we don't care about physical workplaces. Simply we don't need them.

We prioritize only the highest quality of work and the achievement of the goals. So we don't care if you would like to work on a Caribbean beach or in a blind basement of some old-fashion building. The HOW is totally up to you.

Always One Step Ahead

The entire world speaks and dreams about Digitalization and Innovation. But often words and real practice are not exactly on the same page.

In our case Innovation it is not just a pay-off. It is what we do and what we are. Data is the lifeblood of any modern company, and we use them to keep this blood always healthy and vital. If you want to look directly into the nearly future, this is the place where you should be.

Multidisciplinary is the key

We believe in diversity. At every level. Being part of our team will means working and interacting daily with professionals from other industries, fields and backgrounds.

Every project is different from the others. We work as a Boutique across multiple sectors and different clients, providing an unique and customized service and in order to do that our team must be flexible and heterogeneous.

Another good news?
For the same reason you will able to develop your career in the direction you want. Anytime, anywhere.

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