Advanced Scheduling Webinar

Effective planning and scheduling are at the very base of operations performance. Below you can watch the EFESO webinar, where our CTO Piero Donaggio will deep dive into the advanced scheduling concept and applications.


Organizations today are rapidly accelerating investments in their digital business landscape, from numerous Artificial Intelligence applications to Digital Twins or Cockpits to manage their value streams.

The challenge today is to select the right priorities to start or expand your digital journey.

You will learn:

⚙️How to build an effective digital roadmap
⚙️Key considerations to launch a successful OpEx 4.0 program
⚙️How your digital strategy can generate value for your business
⚙️Where #advancedanalytics can be applied to get the most tangible results

The webinar was hosted by our subject matter experts René Aebischer and Glenn Rosez.

Our last Face To Face

We are glad to share a happy memory of our last FaceToFace meeting in Milan! A great opportunity to do some high quality work with the wider EFESO team.

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